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During the installation of the UltraTax software a user account number and a PIN are required. Previously, UltraTax automatically assigned the 5-digit zip code associated with the account’s mailing address as the account’s PIN. Under the new IRS security measures the account PIN is now assigned by the person designated with administrator rights for the account and the new PIN cannot be the account’s zip code.





2017 1040 Electronic Filing is Closing

As of 11:59 PM on November 18 the IRS will stop accepting eFile for 1040 returns and will stop issuing acknowledgements as part of their annual cutover to 2018.


Business returns can continue to be eFiled until their cut-over is announced. In the past this has been around December 21.


All 1040 returns qualified for eFile must be authorized to transmit by 8:30 AM on Wednesday, November 15 to allow time to process and receive acknowledgements. Some states, other than CA, may take several days to issue their acks. Any acks not received by 11/18/17 will need to file on paper. There is no correction period for rejected returns.


Beginning Wednesday, November 15, ExacTax will suppress eFile on all 1040 returns being processed as they will need to be filed on paper. All 1040 eFile authorizations after that date are invalid and will be disregarded.


Note: All 1040 returns previously run as eFile but not authorized will have their eFiles deleted. They must now be filed on paper or rerun in 2018 with a 2018 eFile authorization signature date after eFile reopens.


If you authorized a return and did not receive an acknowledgement that the return was accepted, you should consider the return as not filed.


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