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2017 Processing Cut-Off Dates

2017 cut-off dates and processing schedule

To ensure that your returns are delivered to your office or are available for pick-up at the Anaheim center by Monday, April 18, 2017 returns must be in the Anaheim office on or before the dates and times listed below based on your location.


Electronic Filing Perfection Periods

efile perfection periods

Per Publication 4163, Modernized E-file (MeF) business returns have a "perfection period" of 10 days from the date of rejection which is not an extension of time to file; this is the period to correct errors in the e-file.


RDE Users - Make Backups!

Make Backups!

We can’t emphasize the importance of this enough!

All RDE users should be making regular backups of all data files.

Making a backup in UltraTax is very easy once you have it set up:


Direct Debit Payment Dates

direct debit payment dates

When a direct debit payment date is entered after April 18, the return must be accepted not more than 5 days after the payment date in order for the debit to be honored.


News, Forms & Procedures - March 2, 2016

1040 program changes

IP PIN: New UltraTax CS Critical diagnostics have been added for Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) input on Form IDAuth {2B} in the Electronic Filing folder when the prior year and current year IP PINs are the same (IP PINs are unique to each year) and for when an IP PIN was present in the prior year but not entered in the current year.


Update: IRS Systems are Operating

Update: IRS Systems are Operating

Twenty-four hours after first announcing that several of its tax processing systems and tools went down, the IRS said Thursday its programs were back up and running.